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Welcome to the Snowmobile Club of the Jacques Cartier Inc

Situated at 5 minutes north west of the bridges 

  If you need some informations for your trail-pass conctact our secretary at the adress below or by phone.
Welcome to be member of the CMJC
(Club de Motoneige Jacques-Cartier)
For a week pass, a day pass or season pass we have all what you need we can send you your trail pass by if you have credit card by phone contact us and have great time in our trail.
Club  Motoneiges de  la Jacques-Cartier inc. 322/06
4360 , route de Fossambault Sainte-Catherine de la Jacques-Cartier
Québec, Qc G3N 2V2, C.P. 855
Tél: (418) 875-2650      Fax: (418) 875-0999

 We are here for you.

 info  email:

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Trail conditions
Trail # TQ3 (Jacques-Cartier river ice bridge)

Trail # TQ3 area Pont-Rouge area

Trail # TQ3 area St-Augustin area

Trail # TQ3 area St-Basile area

Trail #TQ3 area Ste-Catherine-de-la-Jacques-Cartier

Trail # TQ3 Area Val-Bélair area

Trail # SR302 jonction of Cabane Chabot towards road 365

Trail # SR302 from road Girard towards jonction Cabane Chabot

Jonction trail #3 Mont-Bélair to Ste-Catherine (Club Garage)

Section Shannon Hall place

Section of # 3 towards Calvados

Jonction of # 3 towards Golf Grand Portneuf

Jonction of # 3 towards Donnacona

Jonction of # 3 Pont-Rouge to Shannon

Section of lac St-Joseph

Jonction of # 3 Pont-Rouge to Ste-Catherine

Jonction of # 302 towards Cabane Chabot

Jonction of # 302 towards village of Neuville

Jonction of # 302 towards Pétro-T Neuville

Jonction of # 3 towards The Colibri

Jonction of # 3 towards lac St-Augustin

Jonction of # 3 towards Québec Inn

Section Leclerc

Jonction of # 3 Towards Portuguais

Jonction of # 3 towards golf Métropolitain

Jonction of # 3 towards Relais de la Montagne


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